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Goals Aligned – Relationships Fostered – Profits Increased

Our clients often find themselves unsure of which investment strategy to pursue, whether that strategy is to buy, hold, refinance, or sell. Many clients are unaware of their properties true performance potential or how they can best maximize value in today’s market conditions. At Acacia Strategies, we pride ourselves on the knowledge that helping our clients achieve a higher value is in both our interests, no matter the client’s timeline. By genuinely helping our clients with a long-term approach in mind, we gain mutual trust and foster relationships that can last a lifetime. When the time comes to sell, those clients that have already consulted with us have already benefited from the strategies offered by our firm. As a result, our clients can take advantage of their improved property’s performance and will achieve a higher sales price.

Overall, we measure our success by the quality and longevity of client relationships fostered. Assisting our clients and helping to shape their strategy in an advisory capacity has resulted in a higher ratio of repeat business.

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Creating Value Through Strategy – Closing with Experience


Our investment sales and transactional service was established on the principle of creating maximum value for sellers based on market knowledge, access to the largest pool of qualified investors, and a marketing strategy that creates the broadest possible exposure, all while still maintaining the marketability of each and every property we take to market. Our extensive local market knowledge and property-type specialization enable us to advise owners on long-term investment strategies that support wealth generation and preservation.

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